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Ten EKU McNair Scholars Complete the 2019 MSROP Research Internship

McNair scholar Alexis Riep works on 2019 MSROP research.

Ten EKU McNair scholars have completed the 2019 McNair Summer Research Opportunity Program (MSROP) internship.  The ten-week summer MSROP internship allows EKU McNair scholars to choose a professor within their academic departments with whom to work one-on-one to design, implement, analyze, report on, and present undergraduate research.  Each MSROP intern receiving satisfactory evaluations from their research mentor may receive up to $3,000 in research stipends.  Following are the names of the 10 summer interns, thier EKU research mentors, and the titles of their final MSROP research papers.

Congratulations 2019 EKU McNair MSROP interns for demonstrating excellent academic performance, quality research performance, and exemplar professional collaboration with distinguished EKU faculty members.  Well done!

Scholar:    Athena Barrera  

Major:       Biomedical Science  

Mentor:     Dr. Oliver Oakley - EKU Department of Biological Sciences   

Research:  Correlation of the Uterine Microbiome of Mares with the Acquisition of Sepsis in Their Fowls

Scholar:    Kevely Dumay  

Major:       International Business  

Mentor:     Dr. Lee Allison - EKU School of Business                                 

Research:  Abraham Lincoln's Life, Legacy, and Views on Race: Contrasting Scholarly Historical Perspectives

Scholar:    Maya Gulliford

Major:       Psychology

Mentor:     Dr. Jonathan Gore - EKU Department of Psychology

Research:  Description of the Self's Connection to Career Interests

Scholar:    Nailah Johnson

Major:       Psychology

Mentor:     Dr. Jonathan Gore - EKU Department of Psychology

Research:  The Role of Locus of Control in Predicting Distress in Different Economic Sectors

Scholar:    Stephen Jones

Major:      Psychology

Mentor:    Dr. Jonathan Gore - EKU Department of Psychology

Research: The Association between Time Perspective and Explicit Music 

Scholar:    Michelle Meza

Major:       Agriculture / Pre Veterinary Medicine

Mentor:     Dr. Andrea Sexten - EKU Department of Agriculture

Research:  Effect of Breed on Calf Vigor from Birth to Preweaning

Scholar:    Steven Pesina

Major:       Chemistry & Psychology

Mentor:     Dr. Donald Varakin - EKU Department of Psychology

Research:  Can Memory of Targets in Visual Search Tasks be used to Increase Efficiency in Future Visual Search Tasks

Scholar:    Meranda Quijas

Major:      Biomedical Sciences

Mentor:    Dr. Tanea Reed - EKU Department of Chemistry

Research: Determination of Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Moderately Traumatic Brain InJured Rats

Scholar:  Kaisee Riddell

Major:     Communication Studies & Political Science

Mentor:   Dr. Eric Meiners - EKU Department of Communication

Research: You Betcha: The Impact of Politeness and Formality on Voter Perceptions

Scholar:   Alexis Riep

Major:      Criminal Justice & Political Science

Mentor:    Dr. Charles Fields - EKU  School of Justice Studies

Research: The Effects of Culture and Punishment Philosophies on Recidivism: Comparing Prison Systems in the United States and Scandinavia













Published on September 18, 2019

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